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Project aims

Ensure business strategy is up to date, sustainable and meets the new requirements of ISO 14001.

Our support

GHI specialises in the fit-out and refurbishment of commercial interiors. Certified to ISO 14001 and ISO9001, the company is also an industry exemplar in waste management.

GHI looked to Beyond Green for advice following changes to the ISO 14001 standard. We developed and facilitated a workshop for the GHI Board to evaluate the company’s strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities framed around the Sustainable Development Goals. We enabled them to understand how environmental and quality management can direct their business strategy and what changes were needed to meet the new requirements of ISO 14001.


Incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals into our training approach allowed the GHI Board to consider the risks and opportunities their business faces in a global context. The interactive nature of the workshop generated meaningful ideas and engaging discussions.

GHI is now aware of the key risks and opportunities across the business, and how these are mapped against the Sustainable Development Goals. The company also understands how the new requirements of compliance for ISO 14001 fit with their existing business strategy.


GHI now has a strategic review document, corporate risk register and action plan, is prepared for the new requirements of ISO 14001, and their business strategy is connected with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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“They inspired us to be aware of the bigger picture while understanding the impacts on our business. Their open and informal approach gave the Senior Management Team space to build a picture of our business, something we’ve not done as a group for a while. The Team were very positive about the outcomes of the session.”Sallyann Hunter | Administration Director | GHI Contracts Ltd