financial modelling to assess onsite energy generation

biomass heating system Glenhaze Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

Potential for on site renewable energies.

Project aims

Glenhaze supplies internal packaging solutions for large food and drink companies. The company operates from a purpose-built factory unit in West Lothian and employs around 40 people. Glenhaze has run a successful Environmental Management System for over ten years. It has a strong commitment to environmental improvement and was keen to explore the potential for on-site energy generation to reduce costs and emissions.

Our support

We conducted an assessment of the site’s suitability for potential renewable energy systems including roof-mounted solar photovoltaics (PV), biomass heating and a small wind turbine.

The study provided a detailed financial and practical analysis of each option and found that solar PV provided the best opportunity with good returns. Our modelling tools, financial assessment and practical advice provided an independent and realistic view on the potential for renewable energy at the site and presented a sound business case to enable the company to make an informed decision.

Our impact

The study showed that the site’s roof could hold a solar PV system of up to 150kWp and the detailed financial modelling showed that the optimal system would provide returns of over 8% and payback the investment in around 5 years. Our modelling data reported that this size of system could supply around 65% of the electricity demands for the site and provide income and cost savings of around £25,000 per year.


We also provided guidance on potential tax relief on the investment through the Annual Investment Allowance which would improve paybacks and cashflow.

The company has considered the results of the study and is keen to progress with implementing a solar PV system in the future. 

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