Net Zero

What is Net Zero?

Net Zero refers to the UK government’s goal to reach Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2050. This will mean both reducing consumption in line with Science based targets (SBTs) and carbon off-setting as the very last resort when reducing emissions isn’t possible. Carbon emissions are produced through almost every aspect of an organisation, whether it is energy used, transport, administration, or the use of raw materials, goods and services (that’s your supply chain); in addition to the use of resources, how your products/services are used by customers is also included in your carbon impact.

See our introduction to Net Zero and our introduction to Carbon Accounting for more information.

Net Zero means carbon emissions and carbon offset balance out, but the scale of emissions decreases over time.

What can Beyond Green do for you?

We have been supporting clients from various sectors and of different company sizes with their preparations for Net Zero, helping them from the very beginning of their Net Zero journeys. Our support includes:
  • Net Zero Process tailored to your company and your needs, so you can get the most value out of your investment
  • Collaborative and facilitated sessions to build your team's knowledge and create a legacy for your organisation to move forward with
  • Support with streamlining data collection and using software solutions so you can focus your time where it matters most
  • Pragmatic approach to carbon accounting so we don't get bogged down in the numbers and lose sight of taking real action

Case Studies


Beyond Green provided excellent support and coaching as we navigated our way through our first carbon audit.  They provided expert knowledge and project management but also ensured the process engaged the whole organisation, reflected our values and ambition and left us with the ability to continue this important work ourselves.  I would thoroughly recommend them for any small organisation looking to begin the journey to net zero.

Erica Judge, Director of Funds, Climate Justice, Inspiring Scotland

The facilitation, support and expertise offered by Beyond Green throughout this project encapsulated this collaborative ethos, ensuring that we were able to have meaningful discussion and idea generation that could be harnessed into a working plan and roadmap.
Matt Godfrey, Head of Finance and Sustainability, Aberdeen Performing Arts

Beyond Green has been fantastic in guiding us through our journey towards Net Zero, from the early Briefing and Scoping Sessions, through our Data Collection Sessions to establish our Carbon Inventory, to quantifying our Carbon Baseline.
Craig Anderson, ICAS Facilities Manager

The Beyond Green team undertook a detailed survey and analysis of our College carbon footprint across all aspects of our business model from July to September 2021. An exemplary piece of strategic work, representing excellent value for money for which we are enormously grateful to Paul and his team at Beyond Green.
Dr Steve Graham, Chief Executive Officer, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

Beyond Green's own Net Zero journey

Achieving Net Zero means ensuring our global carbon emissions are in balance with the emissions we can remove from the atmosphere. And it means we all have a role to play as citizens, business leaders and sustainability advisors. For Beyond Green, Net Zero encompasses three aspects: Our Performance, Our Support and Our Advocacy. You can read more about our journey to Net Zero in our most recent annual report

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