The Arena17

What is the Arena17?

The Arena17 project is an Innovate UK funded project aiming to create an online platform that helps businesses become more sustainable by giving tailored recommendations based on three easy steps:

  • Sign up to the Arena17

  • Enter your data into the tool

  • See recommendations to reduce your impact

Decorative image of the theArena17 logo

What does the Arena17 look like?

The Arena17 is a work in progress; the screenshots below are designed to give you an idea of our vision for the platform and to give you a better sense of what it is used for, but they are by no means final.

Please note that the project used to be called 'theArena17' at the time the mock-up was made.

Image showing the front page of the tool, with an infographic explaining building insulation

This is the front page of the Arena17; it will give you different themes to explore, with brief explanations about why these themes are relevant for businesses. We've chosen the Building Insulation theme to illustrate here.

Image of the data entry step of the tool

This is the data entry step of the platform - we wanted to make sure that you can get basic recommendations quickly and efficiently. Depending on the aspects of your business you'd like to know more about, you can enter in more detailed information at a later point.

Image showing you pre-verified opportunities and their savings, including things like smart heating controls or a new boiler

These are some of the types of recommendations you may be given. They are based on our database of more than 700 projects.

Next steps

The Arena17 is still in development, so there are many things we'll be improving on over the next months. Here are a few milestones in our journey:

  • Test our model with accountants

    The Arena17 could open up conversations for accountants wanting to advise their clients on resource efficiency – we want to make sure that we build our model to support those conversations.

  • Build a proof of concept

    Our proof of concept will help us test the Arena17 and put it in front of a focus group to collect feedback.

  • Build a community

    To help the Arena17 reach as many SMEs as possible, we will need to get the word out and get more people involved.

How can you get involved?

Collaborate with us

We need your feedback on our mock-up and the model powering the tool, and we are always happy to make new connections. So, if you have any questions or would like to have input into the project, please get in touch.

Trial the tool

We are not quite at the stage yet to run trials, but are hoping to reach that stage in the coming months - if you are interested in trialing, contact us (e-mail) and you'll be one of the first to know when the project reaches the next step.

Follow & share

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