The timeline to date of Arena17


Arena17 is a long term project with a lot of moving parts, so we can't show you all of them. Instead, we are going to give you the highlights: below you will find the key dates of the project so far and the completion date for future key steps so you can follow along on our journey towards making Arena17 a reality.

  • 2014 to date

    We are continuously building up our database of projects. We now have more than 700 projects to draw from to inform the Arena17 project..

  • Early 2018 - the first pitch

    We pitched the idea for the project to Ian Marchant, one of our board advisors. He said: ”when Paul explained the sustainability platform, I was impressed with the vision and impact of the idea. As a result, I have got more involved with Beyond Green.”

  • Summer 2018 - IUK application

    To make Arena17 a reality, we needed funding – in the summer of 2018 we worked tirelessly on an Innovate UK application to part fund the project.

  • December 2018

    Our Innovate UK application was successful! We could now dedicate more time to working on the project itself.

  • June 2019 - Workshop with ICAS

    With support from ICAS, we ran a workshop to better understand how technology will shape their practice and their role.

  • Autumn 2019 - Collaborating with C+T

    We started a collaboration with Chiene + Tait to gain their insight on how to tailor theArena17 to the accountancy sector.

  • Winter 2019 - Name Change

    We changed the project name from ‘theArena17’ to ‘Arena17’ to reduce confusion and improve the brand.

  • Spring 2020 - Proof of Concept

    Complete the Arena17 Proof of Concept to showcase the project.

  • Late Spring 2020 - Involving a CEO

    To take Arena17 the next step of the journey, we need a dedicated CEO to present the project to funding partners.