Training and facilitation

We aim to facilitate learning by making it a journey of discovery tailored to your organisation’s needs -from sustainability strategy workshops with boards to short sessions with staff who are pressed for time but need to build their skills step by step.

Beyond Green’s training, such as our Sustainable Development Goals workshop, will help your staff engage with your organisation’s sustainability strategy…

We help your staff improve their understanding of your business management systems, corporate policies and the importance of sustainability in the workplace and beyond.

Improving staff knowledge on waste management, climate change and biodiversity helps your organisation reach its sustainability goals.

As experienced facilitators in delivering Carbon Conversations, we can also train people to become facilitators themselves. We go beyond environmental sustainability to connect with other business systems – increasing your overall business efficiency.

“Their open and informal approach gave the Senior Management Team space to build a picture of our business something we’ve not done as a group for a while. The Team were very positive about the outcomes of the session”Sallyann Hunter I Administration Director I GHI Contracts Ltd

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