Paul Adderley – Managing Director              07917 372 573

I am passionate about the natural world, balanced with knowledge that business can play a critical role in moving us towards a sustainable future. Some say I live and breathe sustainability; I certainly face similar challenges to our clients and empathise with their needs.
I combine my expertise in business assurance and accounting with an in depth knowledge of environmental systems – meaning I can see the ‘big picture’. I help all types of organisations to build a balanced business case to target realistic opportunities to improve sustainable actions. I explore with boards of smaller companies how their business can adapt within an ever-changing landscape – and support them throughout the process.

membership: Fellow Chartered Accountant, Chartered Environmentalist, Member of IEMA

beyond the office:  The buzz of winter mountaineering in the Scottish hills, cycling to work – a necessity as I like baking cakes!

my Sustainable Development Goal: No. 10 Reduce Inequalities – unlike some action oriented goals, this goal is principles based. For me, inequalities prevent people from reaching their potential. Inequalities can take many forms but relate to access to education, food, water, decent work, democratic voice, etc.

Paul Adderley, Beyond Green, BG team
Lisa Bertrand, Beyond Green, BG team

Lisa Bertrand – Operations and Communications Director      07716 348199

I am passionate about how food & drink businesses can be sustainable as they rely on the relationship between natural ecosystems, the built environment, and our communities. My expertise is strengthened by a Master in International Agricultural Development, that further progressed my understanding of our environment and sustainable development.

I managed a number of biodiversity projects at EDF nuclear power stations and head office. Meanwhile, I gained a Master in Sustainability Management, which enables me to guide our clients through resource efficiency opportunities.

I manage our partnership with Resource Efficient Scotland and ensure that SMEs have a robust business case to improve their profitability and build their reputation.

membership IEMA practitioner (IEMA East Scotland committee member)

beyond the office:  you can find me engaging with Slow Food Edinburgh around good, clean and fair food, singing at the Wildfire Women choir or practising yoga!

my Sustainable Development Goal: No. 12 Responsible consumption and production – every time we consume something, even services, we make a decision on what kind of world we want to live in. Promoting ethical organisations sends a clear message to competitors and policy makers.

Donald Rose – Renewable Energy Advisor             0131 624 9816

I am an advocate of collaborating with businesses by sharing my technical knowledge to find practical answers to their sustainability challenges and their long term prosperity.

Having worked closely with a wide range of business sectors over 17 years, I have developed strong technical knowledge within the environmental and energy fields.  In my career, I have helped over 300 businesses improve their profitability and reputation through support programmes such as Zero Waste Scotland, the Carbon Trust and Scottish Enterprise.

I like to develop technical feasibility studies and give insightful analysis to help senior management to have confidence in cost effective ways to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions.   With assurance services, I conduct technical and supplier due diligence, always ensuring my advice is balanced and impartial, so our clients can make business decisions with confidence.

membership Practitioner of Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

beyond the office:  I am a keen photographer (and pleased to see some of my work on our website ) which fits perfectly with my love of fishing the lochs and rivers of Scotland.

my Sustainable Development Goal: No. 14 Life Below Water – when you consider that two thirds of this planet is covered by water, it seems obvious that looking after oceans, rivers and lochs (or lakes) should be one of our most important priorities. We need to eliminate water pollution, over-abstraction, unsustainable fishing, and on a wider scale – minimise the impacts of climate change on life below water (and above it!).

Donald Rose, Beyond Green, BG team
McKenna Smith, Beyond Green, BG team

McKenna Smith – Sustainable Construction Advisor             07460 123 133

My passion stems from the idea that sustainable cities and communities can create a better world for us all. I am interested in how the built environment can become more sustainable through low-carbon solutions that create lower costs for businesses. My bachelor’s degree in sustainability and geographical information systems (GIS) allows me to view problems through an environmental lens. I brought this interdisciplinary thought process to my master’s degree in carbon management, which makes the connection between sustainability and the business world.

I’m excited to begin my journey with Beyond Green as a Sustainable Construction Advisor, helping to assist in delivering sustainable solutions to a wide variety of areas including the construction sector.

membership Member of IEMA and committee member for Scotland East.

Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

beyond the office: When I’m not eating my way through Edinburgh’s breakfast spots, I am passionate about creating positive spaces for women in their early careers to have informed discussions about issues in the world. Check out the ‘She is Sustainable’ blog post for more!

my Sustainable Development Goal: No. 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure – with urbanisation occurring faster each year it is important to address problems with industrialisation and infrastructure with climate change in mind. By using technology and innovative thinking, we can foster long term sustainable development for the millions more people that will be living in urban environments in the future.

Oliver Byrne – Sustainability Advisor             07807 156 007

I am passionate about improving environmental performance and profitability without sacrificing one for the other. This concept involves maximising efficiency and embedding sustainability throughout an organisation in order to better control resources and operations. The interest in the financial aspects of business and environmental performance has driven my previous studies of Economics with Management, followed by Environmental Sustainability at BA Hons and MSc levels respectively.

As a Sustainability Advisor, I primarily identify opportunities for businesses to reduce their environmental impact and improve their profitability through resource efficiency and on-site energy generation. My role involves investigating the current systems in place before calculating and reporting potential improvements.

membership Graduate member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

beyond the office: I am a big fan of sport, with football being a priority. Good food and travelling are also at the top of the list.

my Sustainable Development Goal: No. 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production – by changing behaviour in how we consume and produce, environmental, social, and economic gains are there to be made. The triple bottom line is a standard I am committed to look for.

Oliver Byrne, Beyond Green, BG team


We currently have no positions advertised, however we are always happy to hear from those interested in the sustainability sector.