Welcome to Beyond Green News

We’re delighted to present our new look website and first news post.

Whether you’re an existing or potential client, an old friend or new contact, or simply interested in finding out about sustainable business – welcome from the Beyond Green team!

We wanted to make it easier for everyone to understand who we are and what we do. You should find the website easier to navigate, with useful detail about our projects and services, plus links for further information about national initiatives and client activities.

Check the News page regularly where we’ll be sharing updates, publishing event reviews and highlighting success stories. And browse the Events Calendar for upcoming workshops, conferences and seminars that we’re attending or you might find interesting.

Clients and case studies
We are fortunate to work with some amazing clients from a range of sectors and locations. Our case studies offer an insight into the kind of work we do to support them, and we’ll be sharing more of these in the coming months. Businesses like Grange Door Systems, which with our help achieved 93% in its 2015 Carbon Trust Standard certification. Or Paterson Arran, which we helped make £46,500 annual cost savings while significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Why the new name and logo?
After being known as Sustainable Opportunity Solutions since Paul Adderley created the business in 2008, we relaunched as Beyond Green in January 2017 to better reflect what we do. We aim to go beyond the ‘green agenda’, beyond the bare minimum needed to reach compliance.
The new logo was designed to illustrate the elements at the heart of our business – collaborating and making connections, increasing efficiency, improving resilience and respecting the natural world. The logo’s colours were inspired by the autumn shades of the trees that surround our office – and the beetroot grown by BG team member Donald. And the hexagon is nature’s most efficient and resilient shape that interconnects perfectly – a bit like us!

Together we can create a sustainable future
Creating a sustainable future is a question of maintaining balance – between ensuring returns to shareholders, meeting individual daily needs and respecting the natural limits of our planet. This balancing act stimulates innovation and opportunities – it’s both inspiring and rewarding work.
At Beyond Green we’re on an exciting journey – we look forward to sharing it with you!

Do you want your business to become more sustainable while saving money? Do you need to manage your resources better or make improvements? Call 0131 472 4710 or email pauladderley@beyond-green.com to find out how Beyond Green can help.