Ian Macleod Distillers: Renewable Energy

Ian MacLeod Distillers Wind turbine renewable energy system

Renewable energies investment assessment.

Project aims

Assess the opportunities for investing in solar PV and wind energy systems across the company’s estate. Provide the board with a table of investment opportunities based on detailed cash-flow projections and payback for each available roof.  

Our support

We analysed nearly 50 roof spaces with an investment opportunity of £2m.


Our work involved understanding how renewables may contribute to their strategic business and sector objectives; defining key performance indicators for the investment; comparing site energy demands to predicted seasonal outputs to maximise savings; and reflecting individual roof attributes in our energy and financial models. Paul’s models provided the Finance Director with a clear ranking of the investment opportunities and technical matters to address before installation.

We conducted initial site surveys, and developed a building inventory database to reflect the key variables impacting solar PV potential. Drawing on his energy management expertise Donald analysed half-hourly energy demand for all sites in order to accurately predict the on-site consumption of solar PV electricity; a key variable in the financial viability of any solar PV investment.


Our report provided the board with an impartial assessment and metrics to compare the return on investment with other investment opportunities.

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