Beyond Green is a certified B Corp!


We are beyond excited to announce that we are joining organisations all over the world using business as a force for good, by becoming a certified B Corp!

What is a B Corp?
We’ve all heard of Fairtrade, the small stickers you get on your bananas or label on your chocolate and coffee. Becoming a B Corp is to business what a sticker on your banana is to Fairtrade! B Corps are for-profit organisations that believe that businesses should contribute to society by existing for more than just profit.

Using business as a force for good.

B Corps are not just environmentally based organisations, nor are they focused on social change. Have you eaten a pint of Ben & Jerry’s lately? B Corp. What about that new Patagonia jacket you purchased? B Corp. The Big Issue? B Corp. Enjoyed a glass of New Belgium beer? B Corp. We are delighted to join the growing movement of B Corps in Scotland and the UK, including our fellow Edinburgh B Corps One Stone Advisors, Brewgooder, and Power of Youth!
There are over 2,600 B Corps in 60 countries, and we are joining as one of the 150 (and growing) B Corps in the UK. Together we have a combined global revenue of £29.5 billion, and make up the 91st largest country by GDP! So if you’re looking for dinner, a lawyer, an engineer, or just a new coat, there’s a B Corp out there.

Why B Corp for BG?
About six months ago we sat down in our shiny new office to identify the Beyond Green mission statement. For those of you who have yet to try to extract a business’s mission statement, it’s incredible how long choosing one word can take. When we finally came to a group consensus (easier that there’s only five of us and not 50!), the statement we came up with encompassed our ethos as a business but also as people.

Make positive change easier by inspiring everyone to create a sustainable world

From the beginning, Beyond Green has been about more than just business. Personal dedications to sustainability have never been something we require of our team, but yet everyone at Beyond Green is passionately committed to creating a better world. That passion is what gives us an edge, it’s what makes us put in the extra hour at the end of the day, it’s why we care about our clients’ successes, and it’s why becoming a B Corp was a perfect fit. We believe as a company that we exist for more than just the workday.

Sense of belonging
As a small consultancy, our values were important to establish early on. As we build on our team, we wanted new members to understand the company culture, mission, and overall ‘feel’ of Beyond Green. Starting in 2008, Beyond Green has always existed with a flat management structure, making all employees feel like they can contribute as they wish. We further demonstrate employee participation through our share option scheme, encouraging long term investment in the company. All employees, no matter when they started, have access to the share option scheme.

Reuse is very important to our team, whether that reuse of materials, food, or equipment. As a company we source over 80% of our IT equipment from refurbished sources, and when we moved offices, acquired desks and chairs that had been reused. Last year we were a finalist for the Scottish Environment Business Vibes Green Team award!

We love to move, and as a team we actively travelled over 3,100 miles last year to work! The team encourages travelling actively or on public transport when visiting clients (shoutout to our clients who pick us up at train stations). Beyond Green also provides a cycle to work scheme, allowing members of the team to purchase reused bikes in order to commute in. This year we were even honored as a runner-up in the Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge, and renewed our Cycle Friendly Employer certification! With our new cycling facilities at our office, the team is excited to increase our active travel for 2018.

Giving back has been instilled in Beyond Green from its inception. Each year the team gets to decide which charity (or charities!) they would like the donation from the company to go. For Christmas this year, Beyond Green focused our donation on a charity that is close to Edinburgh’s heart; the Scotland Lights Up Malawi campaign that was initially supported by the Scottish 2020 Climate Group and the Dunelm Group. This past year we were also lucky enough to have won the Sustrans Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge award for ‘highest staff participation in the 3-19 employees category’. With our hard earned victory came the opportunity to donate prize money to a charity of our choice, along with our usual Christmas donation.

The BG’s
Not only does our team rock at their jobs, they also rock outside of the office. Between chairing regional organisations, sitting on steering groups, volunteering at social enterprises, and organising events, you can find a member of Beyond Green everywhere you look. Find out more about what we do outside the office here.

Our ethos is hopefully demonstrated by the B Corp certification and requirements that Beyond Green adhere to. With B Corp certification, Beyond Green joins a movement to redefine success in business!

B Corp certification is not achieved easily, so you can imagine our delight when we completed the B Corp Impact Assessment and realised Beyond Green met the requirements for certification! If you want to find out more on how we scored and what the criteria are, check us out on the B Corp page.

How we will go beyond
Once the team got over the initial surprise that our business as usual practice met the B Corp requirements, we can’t wait to increase our score! However, now that we know there is room for improvement we can’t wait to increase our score. As more consumers are looking to be involved with companies that do better, we want to show that our business as usual (although a great effort), can be better.
Is your interest peaked about what more we do to go beyond? We are currently working on our new ‘going beyond’ page, but until that is up and running, check out our news page here and our team page for a taster of what’s to come.