Innovation and Collaboration to Help Accountants become Owls instead of Dinosaurs

Paul’s vision behind Beyond Green Innovate UK award was ignited on a Monday morning when using our online accounting software while helping a business reduce their energy costs. It grew while discussing with co-director Lisa on a spring day by Arthur’s seat. The accountancy profession can provide deeper and 360 insight into an organisation’s performance against the Sustainable Development Goals, and the award granted to our sustainability firm (an ICAEW member) will support this ambition.   

You might be aware of the challenges this profession faces with growing automation, rebuilding trust and creating inclusive and resilient economies.  You’ll know the difficulties small and medium size businesses have to keep afloat, reluctant to spend on fees, but desperately need quality advice with analysis from a growing and complex data set. Now imagine our accountants across the UK struggling to find ways to respond, and add meaningful value to their clients, in a marketplace where competition is increasing from new entrants. You will know how practitioners who wish to embrace new areas, such as sustainability, but lack the knowledge and tools to guide their clients feel. And engaging clients in new services is costly. Paul started his accountancy career at 18 at a practice by Worcester Cathedral: how are they managing the digital transformation sweeping through the accountancy sector? You imagine, very differently to PwC where Paul trained later on.    

How would you feel when you hear accountants stories that clients are moving to cloud accounting systems and don’t know how their practice will survive from the reduced fee income? Will Fintech make the profession extinct? Are you sometimes frustrated that membership organisations, like ICAEW, leadership on sustainability is not always embraced by the mainstream profession? How would it feel for those organisations to support this transformative project?

These issues are close to our hearts too.  Now imagine, a business sustainability platform that is designed in collaboration with accountants, and driven by accounting data managed in the cloud. A platform that transforms this data into a verifiable and reliable picture of a business sustainability performance and highlights areas accountants can provide meaningful analysis to improve their client’s resilience and reduce operational costs. Imagine a platform that makes sustainable business decisions affordable and accessible to everyone. What would this mean to the accountants and their membership organisations?

Beyond Green sustainability platform

Commenting on the vision, Ian Marchant (former CEO of SSE plc) and Beyond Green Board Advisor, said:

When Paul explained the sustainability platform, I was impressed with the vision and impact of the idea. As a result, I have got more involved with Beyond Green and have a better appreciation of the high-value work they do for a whole range of organisations in the sustainability and resource efficiency area.”

This is an opportunity for mainstream accountancy firms to collaborate with a B Corp Certified sustainability practice propelled into the vibrant Edinburgh Fintech community and to support the accountancy profession show its true colours as the trusted advisor, creating resilient businesses with the public interest in mind.   

We welcome conversations about how we can best work together.

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