Beyond Green is excited to introduce new team members!

We’re working hard on theArena17 over the summer. In the meantime, we’d like to introduce you to our two new team members: Hana Zayed and Lisa Kaiffer. You may already know Hana from her internship with us; she has now joined our team as a trainee sustainability advisor. Lisa will be completing her modern apprenticeship with us as our new office administrator. Their profiles will be added to the website shortly.

Hana holding her favourite UN Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities and SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production.

Hana Zayed – Trainee Sustainability Advisor

Hana is interested in circular and inclusive economies and believes that financial mechanisms, comprehensive strategies and values are essential drivers for sustainability. Her passion for efficient natural resource management stems from her current studies of Environmental Sustainability at MSc level and her background in Economics. As a Trainee Sustainability Advisor, Hana enjoys engaging with businesses and exploring the ways they can incorporate sustainable alternatives within their activities while achieving cost savings. Outside the office, she has a passion for exploring different cultures, political ecology literature, permaculture and slow food.

Here is what Hana has to say about her new role:

Working at Beyond Green and moving from an intern position to my current role has allowed me to develop a new perspective on sustainability and environmental resource management.

As the team member working closest with Hana, McKenna commented:

We were delighted to welcome Hana into our team as an intern at the start of 2019 from the University of Edinburgh. Her previous experience working with different community groups was exactly what we were looking for in someone to conduct market engagement for us. During her time interning with Beyond Green, Hana sat in on team meetings and was exposed to different projects such as the Resource Efficient Scotland programme. Now that Hana is working on her Master’s dissertation, the team is happy to welcome Hana back as a Trainee Sustainability Advisor!

Lisa holding her favourite UN Sustainable Development Goal: SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities.

Lisa Kaiffer – Office administrator

As the new office administrator, Lisa is taking over a lot of the day-to-day admin tasks in order to free up the rest of the team and develop her office administration skills. Her previous work experience is primarily in tourism and events; her time at university was spent earning a BA in English, an MA in Creative Writing, and an MSc in Heritage and Cultural Tourism Management. This role is a bit of a career change for her; she is bringing in a new approach to the work and an outside perspective to the team, helping to make our publications more inclusive and accessible. Outside of the office, she loves baking and playing board games.

Lisa was attracted to the idea of a modern apprenticeship because it would allow her to gain both hands-on experience and a qualification. She says:

I love being able to learn new skills, and I am glad that my role here has allowed me to be involved in different aspects of the business from the very beginning.

Lisa Bertrand, Beyond Green’s Operations and Communications Director, commented:

I was impressed with Lisa’s openness during the interview and I appreciated she shared her reasoning when providing feedback on areas for improvement on our website. She is adapting quickly to our systems and seems to embrace our culture. I welcome her insight with regard to communication and that she questions our processes.