efficient lighting and hot water costs savings

LED light bulb

Energy saving assessment.

Project aims

Assess lighting and hot water to achieve energy savings.

Our support

We provided financial and technical support to assess the opportunity to upgrade lighting and replace a water immersion heater with point of use heaters.
Based on annual electricity costs, a lighting inventory and immersion heater system specification we assessed current energy consumption efficiency. Taking into account business operational hours and understanding its current practice we identified achievable measures to reduce energy consumption.


Our assessment identified potential cost savings of £1,833 per annum by implementing new LED lighting and point of use heaters. The Hive Soft Play obtained a quote for point of use heaters and is waiting for an electrician to quote for LED lighting. The business is applying for a Resource Efficient Scotland (RES) SME loan to support the installation of these energy efficiency measures.


Beyond Green identified an estimated annual cost saving of £1,833 (20% of the Hive Soft Play current energy cost), with a simple payback period of 1.1 years, and carbon emissions reduction of 8.8tCO2e.

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