Paterson Arran Ltd Resource Efficiency

Power station energy generation

Operating costs and carbon emissions reduction.

Project aims

Reduce operating costs and carbon emissions.

Our support

An initial assessment of Paterson Arran’s Royal Burgh Bakery in 2016 identified potential energy, waste and water savings.

Measures evaluated included monitoring half-hourly data, maintaining a compressed air pipe network, replacing existing lighting with LEDs, upgrading office heating, reducing coatings, and implementing water saving methods.

We also recommended and delivered Resource Efficient Scotland (RES) support to evaluate energy and cost savings relating to the installation of a new air compressor at the main manufacturing unit. Our assessment was based on a site visit and supplier quotations.

Five indicators for the proposed replacement were assessed including efficiency improvement, cost savings, payback period and carbon emission reduction. In addition, the review of the quotes identified further practical matters to consider before making a final decision and important considerations for system design to increase energy savings. As a result of this work, an existing 37kW fixed speed compressor was replaced with a 55kW variable speed unit.


The measures recommended are estimated to generate annual savings of around 192,500kWh in energy, 2.0 tonnes of waste and material purchases and 43m³ of water consumption.
Importantly, these measures will help the company demonstrate continual improvement of its environmental management for ISO 14001 and its key UK retailers and distributors.


Beyond Green provided reliable evidence-based recommendations, and identified £46,500 in annual cost savings and carbon emission reductions of around 173tCO2e per year from reducing waste, water and energy consumption.
This included an annual cost saving from the variable speed unit of £7,200 (5% of current electricity cost on site) with a simple payback period of 3.4 years, and a reduction in emissions of 42tCO2e, which also opened up the opportunity for financial support through the RES SME loan scheme.

Adam Wilson, Technical Manager at Paterson Arran, is answering a couple of questions about his journey with Beyond Green.

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