reduce operation costs with increased recycling waste rate

Wiltshire Farm Foods packaging waste reduction

Reduce business operational cost and increase recycling rate.

Project aims

Increase recycling rate and reduce business operational cost.

Our support

We assessed potential resource and cost saving opportunities, especially waste packaging related process costs. The time staff spent preparing, loading and delivering cardboard for recycling was of concern for the business. In addition, we evaluated opportunities to reduce segregation error and the potential income from selling baled cardboard for recycling. Based on products, purchase invoices and cardboard inventory, we delivered a strong business case, which supported the client’s application for the Waste Prevention Implementation Fund (WPIF).


Our support provided a strong business case and resource efficiency measure for a WPIF application. We ensured the measure was the best fit for the company’s current processes and that it would maintain best packaging waste management practice.


Wiltshire Farm Foods received funding through the WPIF to install a baller which reduced operational costs, including staff time and fuel consumption, by £3,405. The baller also allows the business to sell cardboard for recycling, including free collection by the supplier, resulting in an annual income of £428 per year.

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