Our annual report for 2020 – Projects, SDG progress, and more

Below is our annual report for 2020. In it, we celebrate our achievements over the last year, share our SDG progress with you, and talk about the work we are doing to move towards Net Zero.

If you need a text only version of the report, you can find one here: BG Annual Report 2020 Text Only.

If you prefer reading a PDF version, there is a download link at the bottom of the page. If you need this file in a different format, please get in touch.

Title page reading 'Beyond Green - Annual Report 2020'

Founding Director Foreword

Founding Director Foreword continued

Our accomplishments - we've expanded our services and knowledge base, adapted to working from home, and made significant progress towards our SDGs.

Project Work - We have been supporting our clients to comply with SECR and to develop Net Zero strategies. Our plans for 2021 see us branching out into new sectors as well as building on existing partnerships.

Zero Waste Scotland Energy Efficiency Business Support - We are one of Zero Waste Scotland's framework contractors and continue to support Scottish SMEs in identifying energy efficiency opportunities. 
In 2020, we delivered 133 Resource Efficiency Projects, for a total of 0.84 Million £ potential cost savings and 2315 tonnes of CO2 reduction.

Our collaborations - We continue to value and build on our existing relationships while starting new productive collaborations.

Our progress towards our sustainable development goals - our three most impactful SDGs are 7, 12, and 13 due to the nature of our work. We are continuing to do well in these, but we want to challenge ourselves to look beyond them to areas we can improve on.

Our progress towards our target SDGs - Last year, we chose SDGs 4, 5, 8 and 10 as our target SDGs; in 2020, we have managed to improve our score in each of them despite the additional challenges of the year.

Being a value led business, we want to go beyond what our B Corp Assessment and SDG tracker can measure. For us, this currently means focusing on improving our accessibility through our accessibility pilot and by better supporting our team's mental health with our new wellbeing policy.

Beyond Green and Net Zero - as a small business, there are three different ways in which we can support the move towards Net Zero: Our Advocacy, our support of our clients, and our performance. Our advocacy encompasses team members volunteering and using their knowledge to help drive change outside of work. Our support includes the work we do in helping businesses plan for Net Zero.

Our Progress towards Net Zero - in terms of our performance, moving to working from home has reduced our carbon impact from 7 tCO2e in 2019 to 3.7 tCO2e.

Contact information - You can find us at www.beyond-green.com or e-mail lisakaiffer@beyond-green.com. 
There is also an image of an adorable black lab puppy sleeping with the caption 'Our newest team member Polly hard at work'